There’s good energy all around us. It’s abundant, renewable, and affordable. And it comes from a planet willing to share. Join me, Kristi Comuzzi, in my special series as I shoot the breeze with experts in the field of energy, health, preservation, and conservation. This series is designed to enlighten Texans about green products and services so that they're empowered to make healthy and sustainable choices for themselves and for the planet. Find out more as we talk about how we can pull limitless energy out of thin air to bring renewable power to the planet .

The green events that DFW is buzzing about this week!

Safari Nights Powered by Breeze Energy

May 28, 2016- July 30, 2016

Breeze is Proud to support the Dallas Zoo through Safari Nights Powered by Breeze Energy. We had a great time at the Zoo this past summer, but conservation in action never takes a break. Click to find out how you can make a difference for all creatures great and small

Find out what that big ol' Texas wind is up to this week

August 25 Report

Texas’ current power generation from wind energy saves enough water to meet the needs of 130,800 Texans a year.

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About Host Kristi Comuzzi

Kristi Comuzzi, Owner of The REELPeople Company®, is a veteran of the consumer marketing biz, having spent a number of years on Madison Avenue at Young & Rubicam managing and creating advertising for Kraft, AT&T, PBS, Advil, Warner Lambert, to name a few.

She has interviewed countless thousands of folks over the years as Creative Director of "Real People Reel Stories"®- specializing in Consumer Insights & Testimonials- working with a wide array of Fortune 500 clients including Unilever's Dove brands- most notably helping to create the Dove "Real Women" campaign, as well as testimonial projects and campaigns for Disney World, Post, Johnson & Johnson, Kelloggs, Verizon Wireless, Principal Group, Time Inc, among many others.

She brings this "in depth consumer insights" experience, her passion for conservationism and preserving the planet, as she probes for greater insight with each of her special guests on the program. Kristi delivers a "genuine breath of fresh air" every Saturday morning- an empowering and enlightening look at the world of endless energy, climate concerns and bringing "Planet Power" to the people.

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